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Flexible, Sim-Based Service Plans Attract More Attention from U.K. Users

Many Americans are used to acquiring their mobile phones as part of long-term service packages that might leave them committed for a couple of years or more. That is starting to change, however, with many in that country becoming less interested in regular upgrades and more focused on how plans of other kinds can save them money. The same sort of thing is happening in the United Kingdom as well, even though the subsidized phones that are so common in the United States have never really taken hold there. More residents of the U.K. than before, though, are seeing how sim only plans can give them everything they need while costing quite a bit less in the long run.

One of the pioneers in this movement has been the service provider Three. By emphasizing the value that it delivers with its sim only deals, the company has made a strong case for the reuse of an existing phone instead of acquiring a new one. Although Three also allows customers to pick up a new handset at any point in their relationship, it has mostly focused in its marketing and service offerings on its pay as you go options.

That has turned out to be good news for the many people for whom these 3 sim only plans offer everything needed. As with certain other providers, the key feature among many of the plans is virtually unlimited Internet data, a trait that reflects what most users today expect most from their mobile devices. Allowed to browse the web and make use of social services as freely as they might like to, many customers of Three really need little else from the company, as a result.

In order to keep costs down, the provider does enforce some relatively loose restrictions, though. The most significant of these is that tethering service is generally not included as part of the plans, because this can turn out to be expensive for service providers. Instead, those who wish to use a mobile device to supply connectivity to something like a laptop computer or one stored under a desktop must pay a fee for the privilege, a fair trade-off in the eyes of most.

Otherwise, those who go this route have only to think about whether they might need sim data plans service when traveling abroad. Again, there are upgrade options for those who do have such needs, while the majority continue to enjoy regular low pricing. More flexible and adaptable than used to be the norm, plans of this kind are rightly attracting plenty of attention.